Healthcare adds 17 deaths with coronavirus to the total balance and registers 174 new infections in the last 24 hours

The Ministry of Health has added 17 deaths with coronavirus to its total balance and has confirmed 174 new cases in the last 24 hours. It is a rebound from this Thursday, when there were 134 diagnoses. The community with the highest number of infections has been Madrid, with 50. In total, since the start of the pandemic, 250,545 people confirmed by tests have been infected.

For its part, the total number of deceased rises to 28,385. As of the last seven days, 21 people have died, according to health sources.

After Madrid, the communities that register the most infections are Catalonia, with 42; Aragon, with 31, and Galicia, with 11. The rest of the regions report less than ten cases and four of them (Asturias, Cantabria, Castilla y León and La Rioja) and the autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla have not reported any.

In addition, as every Friday, the numbers of infections in health personnel have been updated. In the last seven days, there have been 60 diagnoses, of which the majority have occurred in Catalonia, with 19. After it, Madrid and Castilla y León have registered ten each. The rest have occurred between Castilla-La Mancha (six); Aragon (five); Andalucía and Comunitat Valenciana (both four); Navarra and Euskadi (one). 14 days ago, 155 infected toilets were confirmed.

Regarding ICU admissions, Health has reported 13 admissions in the last week. Five of them have occurred in Madrid, which is the community that registers the most. After it, Castilla y León has reported four, Andalucía, two, Castilla-La Mancha, one and Catalunya, one. In the remaining 12 regions and in the autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla there have been none.

In the last seven days, 2,028 cases have been diagnosed nationwide. Compared to yesterday, Thursday, the figure is higher, since then it was 2,016.

No new data on the evolution of the pandemic until Monday

The Ministry of Health has also informed today that during the next two days no new data will be published about the evolution of the coronavirus pandemic “given the epidemiological evolution” of the country.

“The updating of the data for the weekend will be carried out, therefore, on Mondays unless it is necessary to bring this communication forward,” specifies Health in a note clarifying that during Saturday and Sunday all alert systems of the Public Health services of the Autonomous Communities “to maintain surveillance and control throughout the Spanish territory”.

In Lleida, the Health Department has set up a field hospital in case the main one in the city, the Arnau de Vilanova, needs to be decongested. It is a Mobile Health Area with capacity for 105 people. The objective of the device is to give support to the ER. It will serve to screen suspects, who will undergo a PCR test and will be referred to the hospital, if they are serious, or to their home or other equipment where they can quarantine.

“The entrances to the hospital and the ICU make us think that we have to act,” said Councilor Alba Vergés this Friday. The situation of the pandemic there is complicated. The cases detected have multiplied in recent days, although confinement is currently ruled out.

In addition, the A Mariña coronavirus outbreak, on the coast of Lugo, grows to 59 cases. The Health Department has reported that in the last 24 hours it has diagnosed 12 new infections. According to her version, the majority of the 59 patients “are asymptomatic or have mild symptoms, and are required to be quarantined for 14 days.” In addition, the BNG has suspended its acts in the region, as Galicia en Común did this Thursday.

For its part, Madrid has reported an outbreak with five infections in a work environment in the capital. As reported by the regional government, all coronavirus patients have mild symptoms, have not required admission and are in home isolation.