Singer, television presenter, editor to have last year and a half also mom Maja Oderlap she recently rejoiced at her engagement, right on Christmas Eve she was her longtime partner Andrej asked for a hand. Plans for the wedding are currently postponed to the end of the year or even next year, as Maja would like to host friends at the wedding in addition to the dearest ones, but this is impossible in the current epidemic situation. However, Maja knows how to deal with possible depression, she told us.


He banishes dark days and thoughts by writing thanks. We asked her how many she wrote last year and for what or whom she is most grateful. “I am still writing thanks. Regularly, every night. Since I also published a booklet for writing thanks this year, I am writing you in it. Every night I sincerely thank you that we are healthy, that I have two wonderful boys with me, that our relatives and friends are healthy, I also thank you for the time we spent together. I want to pass on good wishes, love, respect and patience to others. We need each other, because together we can do everything. “