When Zahid Khan went to the Birmingham court hearing his case back in 2017, he put a serious flick on the nose of the authority: a young man accused of half a million frauds parked a snow-white Ferrari on the sidewalk in court – irregularly, of course.

The police, of course, took the car, which, when inspected, revealed that not only was its compulsory liability insurance not OK, but it was also declared unfit for road traffic. The car was thus crushed immediately, as required by law.

Boris Johnson (then still) was the mayor of London at the opening of a police campaign to crash tens of thousands of uninsured cars in the British capital.
The white Ferrari in the picture is not the same as the one in the article, but it had the same fate as Zahid’s car…

When Zahid Khan became aware that his car had been destroyed, he was so outraged that he filed a lawsuit for damages against the local police. Nor was it precluded by the fact that he would never return to England of his own free will: after being found guilty in that particular trial, he was sentenced to 10 years in prison. Prior to doing so, he fled to Dubai, where he has lived on a large foot ever since.

The snap of the story is that the legal action taken against them has allowed West Midlands police to find out Zahid Khan’s exact whereabouts. Local authorities have been contacted and the convicted fraudster could soon be extradited to British justice.