He handed the guy the Tesla to park, the boy wrecked the car! – VIDEO – Car Engine

Valet parking is not a common service in Hungary, but even more so in the United States. And it is no accident that many people are afraid of their car at such times…

In many places, young, student workers are hired for such a job, as they don’t have to pay much, but young guys, when they see a slightly more special car, sometimes like to take them for a test drive before parking.

In most cases, the driver can only be annoyed that there are suspiciously more miles in the car than when he dropped off.

And this is the worse case…

The end result of the evening (Photo: Reddit / kingbabyy)

The report and video were posted on a social site called Reddit. The owner claims it also started for an average evening, they went to dinner with his girlfriend and the parking attendant was given the Tesla Model St.

When they came out, they said, but there was a little problem.

Instead of parking, the boy tried the car’s “Cheetah Launch Mode,” which accelerates the Tesla from 0 to 110 in 3 seconds.

However, he did all this in the cramped parking lot and even lost control of the car, thus cutting through a concrete divider.

The investigation is already underway, and since the video was recorded, the end result is likely to be pretty clear. What is certain is that this boy no longer works for the parking service…