He drove up the highway from the wrong direction, he thought he would get away, he was wrong – VIDEO – Car-Motor

You can hear almost every week when someone misses the signs and somehow drives up the wrong direction on the highway. But if there is one, most people won’t at least try to get over the traffic as well.

And here it can’t even be said that he was a particularly old driver, because according to the description on LiveLeak, the car was driven by a 60-year-old man.

And after driving up the highway in Puerto Rico, he decided he wasn’t going to turn around, he’d rather see how far he gets this way.

Well, the answer is that not for long. There were a car or two who could get out quickly, but not everyone was so lucky.

By the way, the biggest miracle in the story is that everyone survived the accident, and in fact, no one was seriously injured in any of the cars.