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Salos with a post by Dimoulidou about Glyka Nera: “He did not want to kill, he blurred his mind”

The author received a barrage of negative comments

through her personal facebook account, Chrysiida Dimoulidou, wanted to share her opinion on the crime in Glyka Nera that has “frozen” public opinion lately, especially after the confession of her husband Caroline Krauts, that he killed the young girl.

The author, in her long post, notes, among other things, that she does not believe that Babis Anagnostopoulos wanted to kill his 20-year-old wife and that “he blurred his mind”.

Elsewhere in the text, the author refers to the journalists who cover the specific issue, blaming them for turning the crime into a “TV show” while accusing them of misinforming the public.

It is noteworthy that Chrysiida Dimoulidou emphasizes that she does not like being presented as a “national hero” by the police officer who first entered the house and took her baby Caroline Crouch in his arms and took him out of the crime scene.

Chrysiida Dimoulidou’s post provoked a storm of reactions both on social media and on the author’s own profile, with a large portion of the public condemning her views and commenting negatively on them.

The view of Chrysiida Dimoulidou


I note with regret that the crime committed in Glyka Nera, Attica, is being turned into a TV show by journalists and TV shows, who, realizing that it has attracted the interest of the public, sells together, have turned into forensic analysts by misleading the public. And I find out that the police also participate in this show, behaving as if they had arrested a serial killer they have been looking for for years.

Things are simple and not as complicated as they appear. The victim, 20-year-old Caroline, showed after the birth of her child, strange behavior not only due to hormonal imbalance from the postpartum depression she was experiencing but also from the fact that she was not ready to take on the “burdens” of married life and motherhood that for her, until then, had the color “pink”. And how not to have? She had not had time to gain experience, she had no idea what it meant to be a mother at such a young age. Babis Anagnostopoulos met her at the tender age of 15.5 years and since then she was with him, he was the first and last man of her life. Obviously fascinated by his good looks, his youth but also the fact that he was a pilot (according to statistics the profession of pilot is considered one of the most charming) in her eyes she seemed like a “god” who would give her heaven on earth and therefore a life with speeds, very interesting away from the quiet life of the island that he lived since he was born and that apart from the summer season, the rest of the months life was an endless routine, cutting it off from emotions and interests that it was normal for a teenage girl to want to experience of her age. Caroline was admittedly a very impressive girl and in addition to martial arts being taught, she also played amateur theater and could easily make a career as a model, actress or whatever she wanted, she had all the qualifications. I’m sure that if this man did not show up, her life would be very different.

As long as she had a relationship with him and went to school, her hours were full of lessons and waiting to see him again. She had her parents, her friends, her gym near her and in her eyes a marriage with the man of her life as she believed, seemed magical. But she was not ready. When she got married at the age of 18 and something – it is said that he forced her to get married and that they got married on their own, in Portugal, without relatives – everything looked rosy without her realizing that marriage and motherhood are a serious decision away from carefree and irresponsible life he lived until then on the island. Without her parents, her friends, any interests, she began to perceive things differently, pink began to fade, to turn gray. Her husband worked long hours and she had to be locked up at home, in a remote area, waiting for him to return, to take care of their home, and to take full care of their child. Apparently while her husband was away and the baby was sleeping she was on social media or the internet watching the lives of other women who seemed to be having a great time through their travels, their activities and if they were influencers their fashion suggestions through their wonderful photos on instagram. Meanwhile, her baby had his own needs and she, thinking that he might have been in a hurry to do this marriage, began to feel uncomfortable. Her husband did not earn much nor did he have the time to provide her with the dream life she imagined she would live with their marriage or had promised her. A thorn of doubt sprouted within her and began to grow day by day making her behavior change. Anagnostopoulos stated that she became very aggressive after the birth of their child, so the specialist was watching her. If she was experiencing postpartum depression plus all of the above, it was natural for her to erupt in aggression and behave strangely.

From excerpts from her diary staff that were published she seems clearly trapped in roles and emotions she was not ready to deal with. And how to deal with them when he has not had life experiences or support? She was unarmed in the face of behaviors and events that arose day by day, fading the colors of love that until then she lived in the arms of the man she considered a god. God began to transform into an ordinary man with any of his weaknesses, fatigue, mistakes, bad behavior. It was there that she began to think that maybe her marriage was wrong, to talk about divorce and to look for a home to get away from him. Anagnostopoulos, as a more mature father who did not want his child to leave, began to fear that he would leave him and all this fear would turn into stress, which is the worst thing for a pilot. He also wanted to have his peace of mind with a woman who would offer him peace, support and not grievances and doubts. Frictions began to become more frequent and he, unable to understand what was going on in the mind of a young girl who had just given birth, instead of providing substantial help, let her experience her inner torment.

After everything he said, I do not believe that he had planned her murder as told by journalists and that everything happened in a moment of tension, anger, fatigue and great insecurity created by her threats that she wants to divorce and maybe she left him. He also stated that Caroline, obviously due to the confusion she was going through, was somewhat indifferent to their daughter, perhaps dangerous (at least that implied). Not that she did not love her child, but the responsibilities that came from it, made her not to have full control over its actions. Besides, he had no help. No one knows exactly what was said to each other that fateful night, the fact is one. The thread of her life was cut. And then, realizing what he did, he created a superficial scenario so that his daughter would not be imprisoned and left, as he said, without even one parent.

I am a person who always focuses on the essence of an event or situation and I can discern immediately and without many words and repeated analyzes, the essence or what is hidden behind the scenes. . I immediately understood that he committed the murder but I did not know the reason. After his confession and some police reports, I realized what happened. Things are very simple, even if the journalists are not looking for “sea bass”, they do not exist. Nor do I like to portray the policeman as a national hero because he held an unprotected baby in his arms for half an hour. Everyone would do it, he did not save it from the hands of a ruthless murderer who threatened his life, his own life was not threatened.

This case “shouted” from the first day that he was the culprit. For me, the hanging of the dog revealed it, it pointed out to me the killer. If there were thieves, the dog would understand them from the yard, before entering, it would have upset the people. He remained silent even when they approached him, they put a leash on him and hung him. No dog wears a leash at home, where they found it, how strangers approached it, the dogs are guards, they warn, they do not make friends with unknown intruders. Even if they had anesthetized him, he would have managed to bark. Everything was so badly directed that even the most ignorant person understood that the killer was a familiar face. I believe that the police should not be turned into TV personalities, their job is to act directly and behind the scenes. They knew from the beginning who the killer was but they had to follow the legal procedure, the murder had no difficult points it was a beacon light what happened. Now why they delayed it so much, I do not understand, he pulled, it had to be a matter of a week at most, to exhaust him psychologically and physically, he would confess, he wanted to confess, they just left him room.

This is not a heinous crime as the journalists report, it is a drowning with a pillow, not even strangulation. The word hateful belongs to crimes that involve special torture, dismemberment, bloodshed, horrible images. For me, now that things have been clarified, it is a crime committed in a state of mental charge, it has commonly clouded the mind, under constant daily tensions. I believe that he did not want to kill her, nor deprive their child of his mother and him. He plays and suspected that he had already found his replacement. But the criminal act is judicial and the law imposes punishment as it deserves because in addition to murder, it involves misleading the authorities, torturing and killing an animal in cold blood.

What time does not bring, time brings. In a single moment he ruined his life, he lost the woman I think he loved, his child because I doubt if her family will allow him to see it again with remorse torturing him and will torture him.

And finally, if he confessed, it is good that the TV shows with so much misinformation disappear and let the courts do their job properly. Wanting some people to raise the audience by saying “stupid” because I heard too many from serious journalists and pretending to be experts, at least in my eyes, reduces their solvency as journalists and becomes tedious.

Chrysiida Dimoulidou

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