Hard attack on Federer from the lower floor: It’s all about the money – Tennis – Sports

The coronavirus pandemic revealed one unpleasant fact. And that the tennis movement is not united. The reason? Financial rewards that flow mainly to the best.

Gradually, lower-ranking players are also heard. According to them, the organizers of tennis events are unfair. They think only of the best. Tennis players from the top 100…

Australian Harris Harris spoke this time. He targeted Roger Federer in particular.

“Roger, Rafa and Novak. They have been at the top for so long that they have forgotten what it is like to be in the lower positions, “attacked Harris, the 204th player in the ATP world rankings. He did so in the Break Point podcast.

“Federer, in particular, is doing it sacramentally well. He says in public what people want to hear, that is, that worse players should also be better rewarded, but when it comes to voting, he only defends his interests, “Harris confirmed.

Federer is not only the richest tennis player, but he is at the absolute top of the list of athletes in terms of income. According to Forbes magazine, he earned more than $ 100 million last year. And Harris? Throughout his career, he made $ 236,000 in tournaments

“He should be able to significantly support three hundred players, not just a narrow top. The governing bodies must do more in this direction to help tennis players outside the elite hundred, because even behind it, the level is still devilishly good. It’s about the opportunity to move to the next level, “said Harris, who said that the public perceives tennis as a sport for the rich, but that’s not because there are huge differences.

The promising Slovak tennis player Lukáš Klein also told Pravda that the prize money in less subsidized tournaments should be better. However, he also defended Federer.

“He is not to blame. Over the years, he has earned a name and immense popularity in the ATP carousel. Roger Federer is a successful brand today. No one can want him to regularly subsidize weaker players with his money. However, this does not change the fact that the remuneration should also be increased at weakly subsidized events – so that players can earn money there as well, “added Klein.

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