Hamilton: In Austria, a little easier to start the season

After completing Friday’s training at the Red Bull Ring, Lewis Hamilton, who showed the best time of the day, shared his impressions.

Question You showed the best time on Friday – a good start to the season Surely you are in a good mood, because you are back to work again …
Lewis Hamilton: It’s great that we are again on the race track, although it took a long time to wait. Our W11 makes a great impression, I feel a pretty big difference with the car we recently drove to at Silverstone …

Question But you worked there driving a car two years ago, and can you compare today’s impressions with those that were on tests in Barcelona
Lewis Hamilton: In Barcelona? I don’t remember what happened in Barcelona, ​​it was so long ago. The main thing is that the new car is much better than last year, we continue to improve it, and this is wonderful.

Question: During the day, the speeds gradually increased – apparently, this is partly due to the improvement of the asphalt surface?
Lewis Hamilton: It didn’t improve so much, it was a little slippery in the morning. Moreover, when we left the road, it started to rain, we returned to the pits, and when we left again, it was not very damp.

Of course, the condition of the track was gradually improving, but slowly. Of course, the softest tires made it possible to drive faster, in addition, the temperature of the asphalt increased, in my opinion, by 10 degrees. This also contributed to the growth of speeds.

Question At the end of the day, when you switched to Soft tires, it looked like Mercedes was again performing in its own separate class – so you seemed faster than the others …
Lewis Hamilton: It is difficult to say that training results should not be given much importance, because other teams could lower the power of the power plants, or there was more fuel in the tanks of their cars. We will continue to work with our machine, still trying to increase the speed – we’ll see what results we show tomorrow.

Question: Usually, when the season begins in Australia, you go to the first training session, and there on the track in Albert Park, the barriers are pretty close. And here, on the Red Bull Ring, there are large curbs and gravel traps in security zones. How different feelings do you feel now before the first stage of the championship? Are you ready to attack to the limit?
Lewis Hamilton: This track consists mainly of straight sections and high-speed turns. Definitely, it’s fun to check what the car is capable of, and the sensations really differ from those that you experience on the track, where there are no departure zones, as, for example, in Australia. It’s easier to start the season here, because Spielberg is not the most difficult track.