Hallym Daehan Kangshim Hospital-POSCO signed an agreement for emergency medical support for burn patients

[전욱 한림대학교한강성심병원장(오른쪽)과 장인화 포스코 사장(왼쪽) ]

Hallym University Han River Sacred Heart Hospital and POSCO signed an emergency medical support business agreement at the POSCO Center in Gangnam-gu, Seoul on the 30th of last month.

A total of 9 people attended the ceremony, including Jeonwook Jeon, Hallym University’s Han River Sacred Heart Hospital and Jang In-hwa, president of POSCO.

This work agreement was prepared to protect the health and life of POSCO workers by promptly transporting patients and providing the best care in the event of a burn emergency at a workplace in POSCO.

To this end, Hallym University Han River Sacred Heart Hospital and POSCO ▲ Cooperation and support for helicopters and other transportation related to transportation of burn patients ▲ Prioritized business cooperation and medical support for emergency treatment and treatment of burn patients ▲ Information on emergency response in case of burn patients and We discussed ways to actively cope with small and large burn accidents that can occur at POSCO’s workplaces, such as educational support.

“With this agreement, we will provide POSCO with the best image therapy and emergency medical support, and cooperate with POSCO employees to work in a safer environment.”

Reporter Lee Ji Won [email protected]

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