Half of the Dutch are shocked by the revival of the coronavirus

The number of infections detected almost doubled last week compared to last week. RIVM calls the increase ‘worrying’. Research by DVJ Insights, commissioned by Edition NL, shows that the Netherlands is divided.

Comply with rules

51 percent say they are shocked by the new revival. This percentage is slightly higher among the over-65s: in that age category, 61 percent say they are shocked.

There is also controversy about compliance with the rules. About half of people indicate that they still strictly observe the rules.

Young people (18-34) have had the reins celebrate the most. For example, 53 percent say they are a bit looser with the rules, and 14 percent even much looser. Two thirds of the respondents think that the rules in the Netherlands should become stricter again.

More careful

The new outbreaks are reason for many people, especially the elderly, to become more cautious again. 61 percent say the new outbreaks are reason to change behavior. This is even 76 percent among the elderly. The elderly are also most annoyed by people who observe the rules less strictly.

Nearly 90 percent of respondents think that young people are less careful and half understand that.

Touched otherwise

These differences between young and old can easily be explained according to Gijs Coppens, psychologist at OpenUp. “One group is affected differently from the other,” he tells Editie NL. “You see that the younger generation has been hit hard by the measures, there is also the most unemployment, but they are less likely to get sick.”

“I can well imagine that youngsters are like: well, I can’t go to college for a while, I have lost my job, I am not going to give up my Friday afternoon drink while I run little risk.”

That many people have let the reins celebrate can, according to Coppens, be due to several things. “We have submitted a lot and want to recover from that. But it may also be that people think: something may be coming again, so grab what you can get now.”

Everyone get along

If the rules were to become stricter again, he says it would be difficult to get everyone involved again. “The government can oblige it, but you prefer that people themselves are motivated to show good behavior. In March we all understood that.”

That is different now. “If we all want to adapt in this way, it will take a serious disaster. If that is not so serious, then the question is whether you will get everyone along again.”