Hakan alhanolu att Milan won

Italy’s Serie A’s 30th week buffalo Milan and Lazio arrived.

Karlamay Milan, who played at the Roman Olympic Stadium, won 3-0 by a surprise result and hit a big blow to his opponent’s hopes of amputation.

Man, who took control of the band, took the 23th minute of our national football player Hakan alhanolu with a long distance mthi goal. 34. minutes to the center of the defender in the hands of the penalty decision was taken. Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored the penalty, and the first half came with Milan stnl.


In the second yard, gard den Lazio could not recover and in the 59th minute, Ibrahimovic replaced Ibrahimovic with a difference. After the end of the sinking, Milan became the party that received critical points.

By reaching 46 points for this result, Milan hopes for the top 5. On the other hand, Lazio, with Juventus, got a big hit at the peak yarn and stayed at 68 points and could not reach the 7th point difference.