Grand Prix of Austria: Free arrivals on Friday

The first part of the free races

Cloudy. Dry. Air + 18 … 19C, highway + 23C

In February, during the winter tests, everyone traditionally said that the alignment of forces could only be evaluated in mid-March in Melbourne, but in 2020, the team’s first training was held only in early July in Spielberg.

During the break, many updated their cars, focusing only on calculations – there was no opportunity to work on a real track. Friday’s training program was intense, but the weather was a little hindered.

Carlos Sainz was the first to leave on a track that dried out after night rain. A few minutes later it rained a little, everyone drove on intermediate rubber, and then returned to slicks.

Despite the threat of protest from Red Bull Racing, Mercedes worked with cars with a DAS (Dual-Axis Steering) steering system that allows you to change the angle of convergence of the wheels.

At Red Bull, Verstappen was released to the pit lane right in front of Magnussen’s passing car, but there was no contact. Sainz complained to the team about Stroll’s dangerous actions – Lance did not leave him a place at the entrance to the turn.

Perez’s car released a small cloud of smoke from the engine compartment, the Racing Point racer drove into the pits for inspection and soon drove off again.

In Grosjean’s car, a brake fluid leak appeared in the first circles, he returned to the pits and lost the entire session, leaving only in the last minutes.

Last year, during the first training session, the front wings were damaged immediately on nine cars after an attack of yellow curbs in 9 and 10 corners. This year, the curbs were removed, but sensors for observing the borders of the highway were installed – and during the session the circles of those who violated them were canceled.

Raikkonen and Perez traveled to safety zones without consequences for cars. Gasley turned right in front of Williams Russell, but there was no contact.

Window’s machine lost on a direct fragment of the side deflector, so it was announced that it was in virtual machine security mode.

In the 74th minute, yellow flags appeared after Verstappen’s turn at the exit of the first corner, but he continued to move.

The protocol was led by Lewis Hamilton, having traveled a circle for 1: 04.816.

The first part of the free races

Pilot Command Time Difference Circles
1. L. Hamilton Mercedes 1:04.816 41
2. V. Bottas Mercedes 1:05.172 0.356 37
3. M. Ferstappen Red Bull 1:05.418 0.602 37
4. C. Sainz McLaren 1:05.431 0.615 41
5. S. Peres Racing Point 1:05.512 0.696 33
6. L. Norris McLaren 1:05.621 0.805 41
7. A. Elbon Red Bull 1:05.701 0.885 29
8. D. Riccardo Renault 1:05.860 1.044 29
9.K. Magnussen Haas 1:05.907 1.091 27
10. S. Lecler Ferrari 1:05.924 1.108 31
11. L. Stroll Racing Point 1:06.074 1.258 34
12. S. Vettel Ferrari 1:06.077 1.261 32
13. E. Window Renault 1:06.270 1.454 22
14. A. Giovinazzi Alfa Romeo 1:06.360 1.544 24
15. K. Raikkonen Alfa Romeo 1:06. 1.549 28
16. P. Gasley AlphaTauri 1:06. 1.588 25
17. D. Russell Williams 1:06. 1.679 27
18. N. Latifi Williams 1:06. 2.090 31
19. D. Quat AlphaTauri 1:06. 2.127 19
20. R. Grozhan Haas 1:46.361 41.545 6