Goran Bare and Majke are announcing a new album with the single “Born for Tears”

Goran Bare and Majke, released a single “Born for tears“, Announcing a new studio album. The song was written and composed by Bare, while he is responsible for the arrangement Mario Rašić.

The song contains a strong and emotional text, which follows a melancholic, yet likable rhythm, which takes you through a maze of emotions and strong messages.

The song was recorded, mixed and mastered in the RSL studio in Novo Mesto, Slovenia, and is accompanied by an excellent video, recorded in Rijeka, which exudes quality shots and scenes, and which continue well where words and music stop.

“The synopsis of the video is conceived as ‘baptism’, ie catharsis for the forgiveness of that only sin, as the text says – births for tears that do not flow. The black water symbolizes years of hard life, and the solo section in the middle of the song is a meditation during a dive and confrontation with oneself. In the end, those tears that do not manifest outside cause anger and release of emotions through the symbol of rain that permeates the entire video “, said the director for the video Filip Gržinčić and brilliantly rounded off everything that the new song “Mother” is talking about.