Google develops its own TV box | Mobile

Google is continuing its development of new home hardware, and what’s approaching the horizon is described by leaks and rumors as a TV box that goes by the code name Sabrina. Unlike Google’s Chromecast products, this should be a more full-featured TV box that will offer significantly more than just streaming from other devices.

The operating system is said to be Android TV 11 OS, and when Android 11 Developer Preview was recently released for Google’s ADT-3 development equipment, additional information emerged that seems to confirm the device’s Chromecast Ultra-like design.

The unit learns to be powered by an Amlogic S905Y2 and supports most video formats, including Dolby Vision. The Google certification means that Sabrina will, of course, support Youtube’s services, and probably also Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney + and others who today offer apps for Android.

Sabrina is reported to be a standalone product that connects to the TV and that also comes with remote control. It is likely that Sabrina will be launched as part of the Nest series of products and will be released in three colors: black, white and pink. However, the remote control seems to be released only in white.