Google and Apple: Billions of Dollars for a Good Search Engine Position

Regulators in the UK are indignant over the multi-year agreement between Google and Apple, thanks to which it is Google search engine dominant within the Safari web browser.

Billions for search positions

Namely, Google to Apple it pays over $ 1.5 billion each year, and only for the UK, and to maintain a favorable position within the web browser. In other words, Google pays to keep its search engine number one within the Apple platform. Regulators see the problem in making such an agreement threatens competition, since Apple has relied on the Google search engine for years, thanks to which it is The iPhone comes first when it comes to Google mobile business.

This is not the first case like this, so be it back in 2014, he heard that Google had paid a million dollars to put his search engine in first place in Safari browser in the United States. Analysts estimate that this amount has increased over the years, but Google continues to win, since thanks to the agreement on a better position, it earns about nine billion dollars a year.

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This practice could soon be stopped, since regulators are increasingly interested in the dominance of technology giants, and are working to create more favorable ground for smaller companies that are most vulnerable to such agreements.

Izvor: The Verge