Google AdSense: Additional third-party providers can play ads

Google’s advertising service AdSense now enables the display of additional third-party ad technology providers. This would allow website operators to increase their earnings.

There is a fundamental innovation for all users of Google’s AdSense service. Because on the The AdSense Help Center website announced the companythat from now on, ads from additional third-party providers for ad technology can also be delivered via Adsense accounts. However, users can also easily block these providers.

More revenue from third-party ads?

The idea behind Google’s expansion of the options for displaying ads via AdSense is simple; Google says:

If you allow more providers, more ads will be eligible for your users. This can potentially lead to higher earnings.

SEO and Google expert Barry Schwartz explains at Search Engine Roundtablethat the third-party providers have to go through a certification process at Google before they can play ads through AdSense. Google checks whether these advertising networks meet Google’s advertising criteria in terms of measurement accuracy, user privacy, latency and compliance with the requirements for ad creatives.

AdSense account holders can easily manage the ads through third parties

Those who use AdSense can now make their advertising inventory available to even more third parties. However, account holders can also easily set whether additional third-party providers should be accepted. Because via the new tab “Ad serving” they can also be blocked. To do this, users must do the following:

  1. Sign in to your AdSense account
  2. Click on “Blockings”
  3. Click on your product. For example, choose “Content for AdSense” for content pages
  4. Click on “Manage Ad Networks”
  5. Allow or block new Google certified ad networks:
    • Click the slider at the top of the page to indicate whether you’d like to automatically allow or block ads from Google-certified ad networks in the future. This only applies to ad networks that may be certified by Google in the future, not to ad networks that have already been certified
  6. Allow or block current Google certified ad networks:
    • Click the control next to the ad network name to allow or block it

However, if you block third-party options, you could leave AdSense untapped, Google warns:

If ad networks are blocked, you will no longer be able to purchase your inventory through these networks. However, it remains visible in their targeting tools. If a buyer targets ads from the blocked ad network to your inventory, the ads will not serve.

The full list of (third party) ad technology providers that are eligible for AdSense, lists Google on the Ad Manager support page – from AppNexus to Yandex. Google Werbedienst AdSense presents advertisements outside of its own platforms. The service enables website operators to monetize their inventories by Google automatically placing ads on the page that match the layout and usually also the content of the website.

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