A horrific accident occurred in the German state of Rhineland, in the city of Essen, yesterday.

The teenagers, aged 16 and 19, were driving a golf cart on the roof of the garage, after which the driver lost control of the vehicle, broke through the concrete parapet and flew off the roof with the car. The teenagers fell 18 meters deep by car.


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There was no help for the teenagers …

When firefighters found them, they were unresponsive. As the car was completely destroyed in the collision with the ground, firefighters had to cut them out of the vehicle. When they were pulled out, they began resuscitation, and then ambulances took them to the hospital. Shortly afterwards, the horrific news came that both teenagers had died at the hospital.

One of the teenagers, a person close to him, collapsed in shock at the scene of the accident, and was then taken to hospital by paramedics.

According to the German newspaper Der Westen, the accident occurred because the driver was “drifting” on the roof of the garage. “We’re examining the tracks on the top floor of the garage. It shows that reckless driving led to this serious accident,” a police spokesman told Der Westen.


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Green golf flew as deep as 18 meters.