Going to Klaten, Baim Wong was criticized by netizens because of this

Suara.com – Actor Baim Wong and his wife, Paula Verhoeven suddenly became the spotlight of netizens. It was triggered after both were found creating a crowd in Klaten, Central Java.

In a short video uploaded on the Instagram account @klatenkita on Tuesday (7/7/2020), the couple looked visiting Hamlet Dagaran, Sentono Village, Karangdowo District, Klaten, Central Java.

Even though they were escorted by the authorities, the presence of Baim Wong and Paula Verhoeven still made the local people gather. They flocked to see Kiano Tiger Wong’s parents from close range.

No doubt the action of this Free player immediately invited criticism. One netizen questioned the reason for Baim Wong being free to go out of town.

Baim Wong and Paula Verhoeven [Instagram/@klatenkita]
Baim Wong and Paula Verhoeven [Instagram/@klatenkita]

“How can a city person enter a village easily like that. It should be isolated instead of leaving it alone. Fear of bringing disease,” said @ fery.0202 in the comments column.

“Waduuuhhh … even a crowd … to be safe,” timpal @damaris_tusara.

“Ra con quarantine sik min,” added @alghofar_rh.

“That means that we are free by going home,” satire @ prastyoe72.

It is not yet known exactly where Baim Wong went to Klaten. But many suspect that the man came to take Gandung Ari Arteja alias Acun home.

Previously the man was determined to go to Jakarta by bicycle to meet Baim Wong.