Give yourself peace of mind as a gift – different

Eva Arotsidou writes

You remember those days. The difficult, the sad ones, which brought you a huge internal upset. You remember them vividly. Even now, when your mind recalls them, they bring you tachycardia, tightness and a bitter taste. We have all more or less gone through or are having a hard time.

But what matters is not what we go through, but how we manage it. How can we turn bad mood and confusion into something beautiful? And what could be more beautiful than giving yourself peace of mind?

It’s a big deal to be calm. Nothing can touch you and nothing can upset you. You are in a state of complete zen. Your mind is focused only on the beautiful, leaving aside anything that can confuse and unpleasant thoughts. Like a defense process against them. It’s certainly not easy to do, but when it happens you will be a different person.

Why not try? Why let all this affect you? Anxiety, stress and obligations are on the agenda. After all, who is the one who has such an arbitrary right to disturb you? There are many who do this in your daily life. From the boss who woke up with nerves and erupts on you, the friend who criticizes you for your choices, the person you are in love with and ignores you or even from your own parents. Grievances, murmurs, innumerable accusations that offer you generously and you just clench your fists, so that no one is shot in the face.

Wrong tactics. He didn’t care. You are the one who is responsible for your life. Nobody else. And the sooner you embrace it, the calmer you will feel. Hard tactics. He wants a job. But nothing comes easily, let alone calm. Indifference makes you so calm in your soul that it then helps you to have a calmer attitude in everything.

After all, you deserve it. Are you in any punishment program and you have to constantly and uninterruptedly self-harm? This is how masochism becomes. Everyone deserves a quiet life, away from constant dialogues in the mind and second voices, to criticize you. Shut their mouths. And even when they go to say something again, close your ears. Turn your head elsewhere and do something beautiful.

Because beautiful and calm things make us beautiful and calm both externally and internally. They make us spend on essentials alone. We are not dealing with small things. We focus thus only on the good elements of others, on the quality of our relationship with them and we do not focus on their negatives. That’s how we look at life optimistically and treat everything with a smile. And when someone smiles, it shines and makes others smile. It’s contagious.

So be calm. Take care of yourself as the most precious gift. Say kind words to him, praise him and never punish him. Life may be a team sport, but in the end you are always alone with yourself.

What do you say, he doesn’t deserve to be at least calm and happy?