Giovinazzi: We will try to add to the qualifications

The best of the Alfa Romeo riders in the second training session of the Austrian Grand Prix was Antonio Giovinazzi, who showed the 14th time. His partner Kimi Raikkonen finished the session on the 19th. The team hopes to add on Saturday qualifications.

Antonio Giovinazzi (14th): “It’s nice to be back on the track after a long break. I worked a lot on the simulator, but nothing beats the feel of a real machine.

The day turned out to be positive, we tested everything we wanted. Speed ​​is not enough compared to the top ten, but we will work in the evening to reduce the backlog.

In qualification, it is important to put together all the components. We will give our best, try to show a good result and earn points in the race. “

Kimi Raikkonen (19th): “Quite a normal Friday. We tested various solutions, finding out what works and what doesn’t, we looked for the optimal settings for the remaining days of the weekend.

In general, not the easiest day. I drove off the track, but it did not cost me a loss of time. We have to work on tomorrow’s settings. It’s too early to talk about what positions we are in – we need to wait for the completion of qualifications in order to get a clear picture. ”