Getting More Jobs In India Than In Europe And London, Report Revealed – People Are Getting More Jobs In India Than Europe And London

new Delhi. Coronavirus Lockdown caused a lot of negative effects worldwide. In many companies, due to lockout, crores of people lost their jobs. This process did not stop here, the new job i.e. recruitment was also stopped. By June, the situation seems to be somewhat normal. People are being hired around the world. The good news is that India is giving more jobs to people in this case than in London and European countries. According to the report of Global Job Search Engine Indeed, till the first half of March, the job posting trend was the same as last year. Whereas in the second half of March, there was lethargy. While this slowness increased between April and June.

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INDED statistics
– By the middle of June, job posting on InDeid India declined by 51% over the previous year.
It was 60 per cent in Britain and 61 per cent in some other countries of Europe.
– America, Singapore and Australia have a better record than India.
Job postings in the US declined by 29 percent.
It was 32 per cent in Singapore and 42 per cent in Australia.

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There is more job in these sectors
This report of INDED has been prepared from February to May on the data available on the same platform. At the same time, the corona virus epidemic around the world started causing problems in the economy. The effect of corona virus is seen differently in different sectors. There has been an increase in recruitment for software technology, medical professionals and marketing.

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