Getting back in shape after the lockdown? Quick steps or running at a faster pace

Too often work forces us to spend our days sitting in front of a computer. The lock down of the past months, moreover, has greatly reduced the possibility of living in the open air, taking advantage of the first days of spring. But now that there are no more excuses and limits to travel, it is possible – even for those who are not a gym and fitness fan – to move again, in complete safety, resuming open air workouts, with walking or running sessions .

With this in mind, Wiko, a Franco-Chinese telephony brand, has developed a practical app – Wiko Health – for keeping track of daily training for its latest devices, such as the View4 and View4 Lite models.

The Wiko Health application

Simple and intuitive, the Wiko Health application allows you to monitor the physical activity carried out daily, counting the steps taken, the distances traveled, the calories burned, the time of activity. It is also possible to set goals, modify and personalize them with the passing of the days and with the progress made, thus moving from a fluid walk to a more pushed and sustained race. Wiko Health is in fact also ideal for monitoring running, keeping track of speed, pace, performance, setting daily or weekly reminders, also setting “medals” to be reached on the basis of the kilometers made or the consecutive days of training ended. All this, of course, with the possibility of sharing your “businesses” on social profiles.

But there is more, for an ideal training that takes into account the forced sedentary lifestyle of the last period, Wiko has asked the support of an expert. The brand interviewed Roberta Mirata, blogger and personal trainer, traceable on Instagram to the profile @robertamirata, to learn the tips to get back on the move, in the open air, making up for sun and vitamin D, but without forcing your body.

Short but quick steps, up to 10,000 steps per day

«If running is not in your ropes» – comments Roberta Mirata – «you will have the opportunity to take long walks. The advice is to opt for short but fast steps, which will allow you to burn calories. Take an hour of your time and dedicate it to yourself. Your goal will be to reach the mythical 10,000 steps per day ».

Watch the temperatures to choose the best time

The morning and late afternoon are, without a doubt, the best times for outdoor activity. The temperatures are milder, the air fresher and you can also enjoy magical moments, such as sunrise and sunset. Smartphone in hand, there will be time – during a break – to capture a panorama and share it on social media.

Maintain proper hydration

Even during a rainy day and, even more so under the sun, one must always remember stay hydrated. It is essential to always carry a bottle of water with you, adding – if you sweat a lot – mineral salts to quickly replenish the lost ones. «Sweating a lot – emphasizes Roberta Mirata – does not mean losing weight but rather losing vital water for our body. That’s why integration is essential. “

Switch from walking to running yes, but in moderation

For those who will resume running, the advice is to start from the classic 5km and, only from the following week, gradually increase the km on the legs. For those who want to start running, after so many years of stopping, it would be advisable to alternate walking with running, without straining too much. Your body will tell you when to stop and when to leave. It is also good to choose appropriate and comfortable shoes for both activities.

A bench to complete the training

If you find a bench or a wall along the way, use them but not to rest. A few muscle toning exercises can only do you good. So, via push-ups for pectoral muscles (push-ups on the arms resting on the bench), dips for the triceps (with the back to the bench), but also squats and lunges for the legs and buttocks.

All ready, therefore, to get going again!