German car sales are still making significant gains

Smart the biggest descender

European car sales are slowly trickling in. After France and Spain, it is now also known how many Germans bought a new car in June.

During the past month, 220,272 Germans picked up a new car from a dealer. That seems a lot of course. Compared to the 24,926 Dutch cars registered in June this year, it seems to be a great achievement. However, these figures still represent bad news for German standards. This is a decrease of 32.3 percent compared to the same month in 2019, according to new figures from the trade association KBA.

With the exception of four brands, all manufacturers turned in Germany last month. The brands that are hit the hardest are Smart (-83.6 percent), Suzuki (-66.6 percent), Opel (-52.3 percent) and Dacia (-51.4 percent). In terms of numbers, Volkswagen sold the most cars after selling 39,126 cars. Compared to last year, however, this is a decrease of 37.2 percent. As said, there is good news for four brands: Fiat, Honda, Mitsubishi and Subaru saw their sales increase in June. Mitsubishi experienced the greatest growth with a plus of 11.2 percent.

Over the first six months, sales in Germany are down 34.5 percent. This is due to the sale of ‘only’ 1,210,622 cars. Also in this list Smart and Suzuki deliver the most customers with a decrease of 88.7 and 55.7 percent respectively. Mazda and Dacia follow with 51.5 and 50.5 percent. Logically, no brand knows to plus in the first half, but in terms of decline, DS (-8.6 percent) and Mitsubishi (-14.5 percent) are doing the least bad so far.