Already in the morning, the French state energy company Engie announced that Gazprom will reduce gas supplies to France due to disagreements in the implementation of some contracts.

As explained in a press release, Russian gas supplies have drastically decreased since the start of the Russian military attack on Ukraine. France is among those Western countries that depend to a lesser extent on Russian gas supplies, as this represents less than a tenth of the total imports.

The energy company Engie has already provided the necessary quantities for uninterrupted supply to customers and for its own needs. At the end of July, Russian gas comprised four percent of their total reserves.

Meanwhile, in recent days, the French government’s warnings to customers there about possible problems due to a lack of energy products and high levels of inflation this coming winter have intensified. In response to the aggravated situation, France is rushing to find alternative gas supplies from Norway, the capacities in gas storages are currently 90% full.

Compared to other energy sources, gas accounts for approximately 20 percent of total energy consumption, mainly for use in industry and for residential heating and cooking. Namely, the state produces most of the necessary electricity with the help of nuclear power plants.

The French president will also discuss possible scenarios with regard to energy shortages in the coming autumn-winter period with the Council of Ministers at a special meeting this week. Emmanuel Macronreports from his office.

Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne meanwhile, on Monday already called on the management of French companies to reduce energy consumption. “If we don’t reduce volumes, companies will be the most affected. We have to be prepared for that,” she said.