The Murska Sobota Police Department said that there was a gas leak in the gas tank, which caused the surroundings to be protected, and the firefighters took care of closing the valve.

Intervention leader Denis Bogdan He further explained that there were two overhead gas tanks at the Molova petrol station along the motorway, and that one of them had a fault in the safety valve from which the gas was coming.

Firefighters were called by employees at the gas station, who closed the service station and the entire rest area upon arrival. According to Bogdan, there was no major material damage, with the exception of some leaking gas, and until the rest area opens, they have to wait for Mol’s technical service, which will come to replace the valve.

The motorway between the Hungarian border and Murska Sobota is normally open, as they were lucky that a fairly strong wind pulled the gas in the right direction, as otherwise the motorway and rest area on the other side of the road would have to be closed as a precaution.