Atherosclerosis or clogging and calcification of blood vessels is caused by a combination of hereditary factors and unhealthy lifestyle habits. Due to coronary atherosclerosis, part of the heart muscle is poorly circulated, which can lead to angina pectoris, cardiac arrhythmias, or heart attack. To avoid complications, it is necessary to take care of proper nutrition with which you will clean your veins. In almost all cases, medications only mitigate the consequences and prevent the worst, but do not eliminate the causes. With a proper protective diet, we can preventively make sure that our blood vessels remain clean and healthy.

Natural help

In a completely natural way, you can help yourself with a simple recipe that will take care of the gradual cleansing of fatty deposits from blood vessels and at the same time help prevent heart attacks and strokes. The main ingredients of the preparation are lemon and garlic, which are supposed to have positive effects on an individual’s health. Garlic contains natural ahoen, a substance that has a similar effect as aspirin. In addition, natural ahoen prevents platelet adhesion, accelerates the dissolution of blood clots, reduces blood viscosity, speeds up circulation and removes unwanted substances from the blood. Lemon, on the other hand, prevents the accumulation of cholesterol in the walls of the arteries and contributes to lowering bad cholesterol, which protects us from stroke and heart attack.

Recipe for making a drink

You need one kilogram of lemon and 300 grams of garlic. Slice the lemons and mix them together with the garlic cloves using a blender. Shake this mixture in a suitably large container, pour a liter of water and put on the fire. Wait for the mixture to boil, then cover it with a lid for another 15 minutes to cook at a lower temperature. Set the pot aside and allow to cool, then strain the mixture into a clean bottle, seal and refrigerate. Take the preparation for 25 days, half a deciliter a day. Take a 10-day break, then repeat the process. You can do it once to twice a year, but no more often than every six months.