Furore strawberry harvests all summer – “the taste is equal to Polka”

In recent years, there has been a change on the strawberry front that pleases the gardener Juha Toikka.

“When it comes to the strawberry season, it’s usually accustomed to one stroke. Then the strawberry should be eaten and preserved. We want to get out of this. Partly for the reason that prices would remain more stable and there would be no panic, ”Toika says.

“Variety development is moving in the direction that strawberries are available throughout the summer, with a steady harvest from spring to autumn frosts. Yields will be much higher when strawberries are grown all summer. ”

So good news for strawberry lovers: in the future, domestic strawberries may get popped through the summer.

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Seedlings planted at their best start to yield more than a month after planting. One such variety is Furore.

The strawberry variety Furore is harvested throughout the summer.

Due to its growth method, the strawberry variety Furore, which is well suited to ampoules, produces a harvest all summer and its taste is equal to Polka. © Juha Toikka

The Furore strawberry is harvested all summer and has a taste equal to Polka

“Ample strawberries are used to the fact that the berries are just ok, not as good as traditional Polka. Furore has the right taste, the taste is at least equal to Polka and there will be a harvest. ”

Toika says that the variety grows firm and well-fleshed strawberries with no hollow space in the middle. The variety can also be frozen.

“If you try Furore this year, you’ll definitely want more next year.”

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The Furore strawberry variety is planted and treated in the same way as other strawberry varieties. Moderate irrigation and fertilization guarantee the best yield and growth.

Due to its growth method, the variety is well suited for ampoules. Toika says that the ampoule can be put in the basement for the winter, from where it is worth raising in March to a bright place and watered well, so in May you can get the first berries already.

Furoren, which grows in ampoules, can also be planted in the fall in the ground and allowed to winter outdoors.

“This variety is not a single summer thing.”

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