Fruit flies mostly attack peaches, pears, figs: Here’s how to get rid of them without insecticides

There are not many unpleasant situations, such as when a horde of fruit flies buzzes around your house, especially during the summer season. In addition to being annoying, they are carriers of various diseases, and they also cause significant damage to orchards and fruit in the yard, causing and spreading infection on fruits. The fruit fly most often attacks peaches, pears and figs, but no other fruit is spared.

Zaraza appears on the fetus in the form of a stain which surrounds the site of the sting. Over time, it spreads, and the fruit begins to rot, which is why the fruits fall prematurely from the tree.

There is a several effective ways to deal with fruit flies, both in the house and in the orchard or in the yard, a before reaching for insecticides.

Vinegar trap

Make your own traps with vinegar. White vinegar as well as apple cider vinegar are effective against fruit flies, whose adults are simple they can’t resist their smell. All you need is a cut plastic bottle, vinegar, dish detergent and twine to hang the bottle on a tree.

Sticky yellow tapes

In the area where fruit flies have been spotted, attach sticky yellow strips that can be bought at agricultural pharmacies. Color and the smell of these yellow traps are designed to attract a variety of harmful insects, including fruit flies.

Collecting infected fruits

Infection can be reduced by collecting and destroying infected fruits, which is very much the case effective technique and one of the important protection measures, especially in smaller orchards.

Use of hydrogen in drains

You will not drive away fruit flies if you only get rid of adult individuals. If your orchard is next to your house, it is important that you treat the place where they breed, and one of the most common places are septic tanks, kitchen pipes or bathrooms. It is recommended to pour hydrogen peroxide down the drain.

The solution is made by mixing one part hydrogen and four parts water. Be consistent and pour this solution into the drain once a day, until the number of fruit flies visibly decreases.

How long can fruit flies live without food?

The good news is that the fruit fly he cannot live long without food, because it has a short life cycle. He can survive without food three to four days and that is why it is very important to remove every source, even the smallest one, especially in the house, such as food scraps and overripe fruit.

Source: Organic Lesson