“From the mother of a people, and they hate him.” A third period for the Sisi coup, until 3030!!

Some texts of the Prophet’s Sunnah assert that the prayer of the mother of a people is not accepted, and they hate it. A condition that the dislike is based on a deficiency in the imam’s religion and not for a reason of worldly causes, such as if he is accused of his religion, his piety, and his violation of God’s prohibitions (killing, betraying and betraying, committing adultery, lying, oppressing, consuming people’s money unjustly, drinking alcohol, corruption in his belief). His allegiance to the unbelievers at the expense of the believers – non-submission to God’s rulings and the commands and prohibitions of the Qur’an and Sunnah – innovation in religion that contradicts its principles and rules and so on). Among these texts is what Ibn Majah narrated on the authority of Ibn Abbas, may God be pleased with them both, on the authority of the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, who said: “Three whose prayers do not rise above their heads by an inch, and he mentioned: A man leads a people and they hate him.” Likewise, his saying, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him: “There are three whose prayers do not go beyond their ears: .. and the imam of a people, and they hate him.” The hadiths of this section – according to Al-Shawkani – strengthen each other and rise to infer the prohibition of a man being an imam for a people who hate him, and indicates the prohibition by denying the acceptance of prayer and that it does not go beyond the ears of the worshipers and the curse of the one who does that. Some people have gone to prohibition and others to hate). And according to the Malikis, it is disliked to lead it if the least of the people hate it, other than those with virtue among them, but if the whole people hate it or respect them, or those with virtue among them, even if they are few, then it is forbidden.

Note here that the sayings of the jurists talk about the ruling on praying behind him, when is it forbidden and when is it disliked? So if the matter is like this in one prayer, then is it possible to accept the great Imamate over the Muslims for the one whom people hate and refuse to lead?! So what about the one who extended his hands against the imam whom the people accepted with their will, so he kidnapped and oppressed him, then killed his defenders and imprisoned some of them, then set himself up as an imam over the people with the tools of oppression and coercion; Is it possible to accept this criminal as an imam over Muslims and non-Muslims?!

Such kind of tyrants do not exist between them and the subjects Ammar, for most people hate him and hate his rule, and this does not prevent the presence of hypocrites who support him, who benefit from his presence and benefit from loyalty to him and courting him by assuming positions and acquiring the perishable spoils of the world, but that does not prevent the origin, so Pharaoh himself, although he is the personality The one who is most vilified in the Qur’an had among the Egyptians supporters who supported him and supported him until they perished with him, drowning in the pain, not regretting them.

Such tyrants cannot justify their crimes within the normal context of understanding Islam and its texts. That is why you see them lying to the people and dressing up the truth with falsehood and concealing the truth while they know; This thug claims that the imam they accepted was a (terrorist!), and that he deserves to be removed because he did not even deserve to be an imam, but his words are not accepted among the people who saw his crime that was broadcasted in audio and video and how he killed thousands in hours of the day, so he is forced The media is from newspapers and satellite channels to lie, and Al-Azhar forces itself to support its crime and justify it as at least the “lesser of two evils”, after it tore the nation into two halves. It is a legal duty imposed on us by the glorious Islamic Sharia, and this bias is to protect the capabilities of this great people.” At this time when al-Tayyib said these words, he was commanded by God with a decisive text in its evidence and indications to support the legitimate imam whom the nation accepted by its free choice. And it represents blatant bias for the transgressors who disobey the legitimate ruler whom God Almighty commanded to be obeyed: {O you who have believed, obey God and obey the Messenger and those in authority among you. Refer it to God and the Messenger if you believe in God and the Last Day. That is better and better in interpretation (59)}. However, the Sheikh of Al-Azhar tried to dress his position in a false legal dress, and to adapt the scene according to his whim, in an arbitrary jurisprudential manner, to justify his behavior that contradicts the peremptory texts in the Qur’an and Sunnah that command him to obey the guardian on whom the nation agreed upon according to the agreed upon constitutional mechanisms.

Today, ten years after this crime, Egypt has fallen into a curse from which there is no way out except with the grace and mercy of God Almighty and His mercy on this oppressed nation. Debt alone devours almost half of all state revenues, and the debt service item in the new draft budget (23-24) amounts to EGP 2.4 trillion, which means that all state resources of EGP 2.1 trillion are not sufficient to pay debt service. Poverty rates doubled until they reached more than 70% of the people. This is in contrast to injustice, classism, looting, and Ethiopia’s plots and threats to deprive Egypt of its share in the Nile waters, and the possibility of bankruptcy of the country in light of the erosion of all sources of income and the stagnation of economic activity in a dangerous and unprecedented manner. Despite all these misfortunes and afflictions, the military regime is conducting sessions of the so-called national dialogue in order to ensure that the tyrant criminal remains on the pyramid of power that he usurped by his coup for another six years! They are plans to tear Egypt apart in such a way that there is no future for it. However, our hope in God is great, and our trust in Him is unlimited, that He will save our country and protect our people from all this cunning, all this injustice, and all this hypocrisy and vacillation.

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