France produces promise with the rush of getting rid of crime

AK Party Spokesperson Ömer Çelik made an AA report to the agenda.

Stating that social media tools are among the indispensable sources of communication and information, Çelik said that these are on the agenda of both the intelligence agencies and companies of the states in terms of their influence.

Stating that the realization of the cyber domination of states as in air, land, sea and space is on everyone’s agenda, Çelik stated that the cyber world is a part of the reality, but it is also the focus of malicious attempts that manipulate and attempt to direct this reality from time to time. .

Noting that the obligations of states to protect their citizens have emerged, Çelik said, “The cyber world needs to be included in the democratic mechanisms of the democratic state of law. The attacks on the states, as well as the regulations of the legal area here, as well as the cyber attacks that will harm the citizens of that country. they have obligations to prevent. ” he spoke.

said of facing attacks on people through social media in recently in Turkey is reminiscent of Steel, “Ugly attack showed once again that this area is in fact the whole family, children, an area that threaten their parents. Therefore, to protect our citizens against all that a comprehensive framework needs to be created. However, related studies, our President has ordered recently come to the Assembly. of which the cyber Republic of Turkey of the territory together with Parliament to come we will be met with legal arrangements to be made to protect their own citizens. ” said.

Çelik reminded that some countries in the European Union are working on this issue and others are continuing their work.

Stressing that during the struggle against Kovid-19, misinformation was made on social media and these were organized approaches, Çelik said, “Fetullah Terrorist Organization is performing this manipulative and provocative terrorist activities by participating in social media intensively. So we need to organize it and put this cyber domination concept on its agenda. ” used the expression.

Regarding the statements that the social media will be closed completely, Çelik said, “The legal regulation is made to guarantee the freedom area here.” made the evaluation.

“This is a necessary area but not an innocent area.” Çelik, using the expression said:

“Totally not the case of ticking like based on objective criteria. We also see recently, these companies can act for ideological reasons. For example, you can see that some of the accounts for supporting Turkey’s operations in Syria, Turkey closed. This is totally biased, entirely ideological, even Syria comes as a product of an approach that became a party to domestic politics. ”

Citizens would call asking where the right to remain if faced with such an attack organized steel, was reminiscent of the presence of the addressee company in Turkey.

Stating that social media is not established for charity, benefits and money are obtained from here, Çelik continued as follows:

“In our own territory, a tax must be facing as a result of their sovereignty in our field of cyber realized if they receive income from this activity that one citizen of the Republic of Turkey.

It is necessary to establish this balance between the protection of freedom here and creating a digital shield against the innocent attempts here. We cannot leave freedom defenseless in any way against these organized groups. ”


discussions on the Hagia Sophia in evaluating Steel, Turkey’s domination of some states, an issue related to what they saw made statements on this subject, it was stressed that contrary to diplomatic practices.

Steel, “a social demand frames on the participation of other states in these discussions as contrary to diplomatic practices relating to regain the function as a mosque, which is the essential function of a museum, where parties specify certainly not a topic that interests them. This is the Republic of Turkey, citizens of the Republic of Turkey ‘ is an issue that concerns the legal system and the domain of sovereignty. ” he spoke.

Reminding the explanations that Hagia Sophia is on the UNESCO cultural heritage list, therefore it should remain in its current form, Çelik said, “It is not against the use of them for worship purposes. It is in the UNESCO cultural heritage list and also many places used for worship purposes. has.” found the assessment.

Turkey’s world cultural heritage to protect in terms forehead Pointing to one of the open state Steel, governments in historical monuments, mosques, churches, and to do the synagogue of restoration, minority foundations equitable as no state about the return of goods, said that the fair and set out a savings based on the law.

Greece to Turkey reminiscent of criticism on this subject Steel, “the European Union is Greece the country in the capital in the mosque not only country and a country that has remained entirely in the class on this issue. Does not protect the Ottoman artifacts, a policy it pursued under the auspices of the state to destroy the contrary, “It is known what Ottoman mosques were made there. Nobody has a word to tell us about it. We are a country here that complies with both law and equity, cultural heritage and tolerance from our traditions.” he spoke.

In this regard, Turkey’s forehead highlight is turned on Steel, “When we use it as a place of worship which certainly this will not result in an outcome that will reduce their meaning universal. Both UNESCO will protect it universal power in the cultural heritage list and universal şaheserlig and will be used as a place of worship.” said.


Located in the assessment of the accusations against France, Turkey Omer Celik, “France has committed a crime in Libya and the crimes also there to have emerged with the mass graves now produces promised by itself a human rights role büründürüp Turkey a hurry to get rid of crime accusations like. ” he spoke.

Çelik reminded that one million people were killed in Rwanda in 1994 in 100 days, and the government that supported it was France.

Stating that the results obtained from the researches made from the state archives showed that France encouraged the murder of these people to keep Rwanda whatever, Çelik continued his words as follows:

“Although the United Nations accepted the Serrac government as the national legitimate government, they went to support the illegitimate Hafter. The persecutions committed by Hafter for 14 months now emerge as these mass graves. Here, a crime of humanity has been committed. France fell silent while working, bombing the airport, massacres pointed at by these mass graves, but actually supported Hafter, the whole world knows that. ”


Stating that French President Emmanuel Macron appeared on the stage as the supporter of Hafter, Çelik said, “After the eraser was removed from the field, France says” We did not support “or Macron said,” I warned that Putin should not support the Hafter. “14 Where was the month? After the eraser was deleted from the notebook, it produces this approach. ” said.

Explaining that France continues to sell weapons to the warring parties despite the fact that there are many human rights violations in Yemen, Çelik said, “They both sell weapons and they produce the most reports on human rights violations there, they raise their voices. They are similar to those made in Rwanda. there was a crime there. ” used expressions.

AK Party Spokesperson Çelik continued as follows:

“To cover up mass graves or the electoral defeat of the French domestic politics turns out to be continuous to cover up Macron, accuses our President or accusing the Republic of Turkey committed a crime. We say this openly and clearly, Republic of Turkey, the President of our instruction legitimate government he supported the government, produced a policy that took care of the Libyan people, and it was France that supported those who did illegitimate work. France is playing a dangerous game. Libya and France committed a crime in Libya. ”

France Quoting the implication that new sanctions related to the Foreign Minister of Turkey Steel, “This approach not receive any results from it is not possible. The Republic of Turkey is a sovereign state, can decide foreign policy as a sovereign state. The decisions we make in Libya in foreign policy has been next to legitimacy. ” he spoke.

Stating that France brought up the issue that NATO did not investigate a subject related to the French ship and therefore said they would withdraw their ships, Çelik said:

“The report they gave to NATO, everything they expressed was completely false. There was no approach from the Turkish ship to the French ship, such as aiming in any way, making it in any way targeted. On the contrary, it was refueled. What is the reason for even saying this? will try to put his own mind, NATO in Turkey the target of NATO officials is also very clearly they know that approach is both exaggerated and wrong approach here in France and is completely one approach to mislead NATO in Turkey. ”

“The realization of NATO’s brain death was seen once again here,” Macron said. promises the transfer of Steel, “you’re referring to NATO’s brain death should put one out it, Turkey’s clear support for NATO, what is the support given by France? France is, does it keep its promise about the support given by NATO? that Turkey hold no Unfortunately, France remains in the class in this regard. ” used expressions.

Reminding that Macron’s election campaign said that France’s colonial past was a crime against humanity and should apologize, AK Party Spokesman Çelik said:

“They got all the sovereignty rights, they’re talking about it because we’re” giving independence. “So they’re trying to update what we call this colonial past. When you try to update the colonial past exactly, it turns out to support those who did the same massacre in Rwanda in today’s world. France is guilty, he is by örtemez exceeding the limit superior attacks against Turkey, against our President of mass graves. ”