Franc Sever he joined the Grosuplje company in 1941 as an eighteen-year-old. He was the commissioner of the Cankar Brigade, the East Carinthian Detachment, the Šercer Brigade and the commander of the Zidanšek Brigade and the operational headquarters of the Šlandar and Zidanšek Brigade. He experienced liberation in Carinthia as a major in the Yugoslav Army.

For thirteen years he was the General Manager of Ljubljana – Pula Airport and then until his retirement he was the Director of Inex Adria Airways. He resigned irrevocably after a plane crash in Corsica.

He is the author of several books: Brnik Airport or Hunting Ground, Past na Menini planini, Moments of Decisions.

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Actor Domen Valič and author of the book Franc Sever – Franta.

“He has been the recipient of many of the highest state awards. On May 9, 2019, he became an honorary citizen of Ljubljana. In 2017, he received the highest recognition of the ZZB NOB Slovenije – Charter for his inseparable loyalty to the values ​​of the National Liberation War. He fought for them from the beginning of the Second World War until the legendary battle on Menina planina, where he skillfully and daringly maneuvered as a commander to bring his partisan boys out of the deadly ring of the occupying and collaborating soldiers. He was known to the public as a living witness of those days, as with sharp and just reason he relentlessly rejected all incitements and distortions at the expense of the former partisan struggle and idealism on which this struggle was based. In 2019, the last partisan film Breakthrough was made, which talks about Frante’s memories of the battles on Menina planina, when he and his fighters escaped on March 15, 1945 as the youngest commander after a five-hour battle after being surrounded by SS unit 14. SS Grenadier Division (Galizien) with 12,000 troops, “ on the occasion of his death, the Association of Fighters for the Values ​​of the National Liberation War of Slovenia announced.


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Alenka Žavbi

Mayor Zoran Janković and honorary citizen of Ljubljana 2019, 96-year-old Franc Sever – Franta