After the captain Sergiu Busquetsu the coronavirus was also detected in a defensive player during testing yesterday Diego Llorenteju. Both are asymptomatic, but have to be quarantined, which causes problems in the camp of one of the favorites for the title of European champion.

Spanish Minister of Health Carolina Darias she was surprised by today‚Äôs decision. Just four days before Monday’s match against Sweden, they plan to vaccinate the entire national team. This puts some players at risk of temporarily deteriorating their health due to side effects after vaccination. Every day of training or rest before the match is important. On the other hand, it is known that protection begins to be established 10 to 14 days after the first dose. And only partially, as most vaccines require two doses. This means that during the group stage of the championship, Spanish players will be virtually unvaccinated and still at risk of becoming infected with the coronavirus.

According to the El Pais newspaper, the footballers will be vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine, which means they will receive the second dose on June 30 or 31, two or three days before the quarterfinals. If they get there at all.