Formula 1 returns, model with Down syndrome and Fallout series

With the weekend coming up, it is time for our weekly Good News Friday. Nothing about the coronavirus but just some fun and positive news. Did you know that staying home makes relationships stronger rather than worse? And that Formula 1 will finally start again this weekend? You can read this and more in yet another edition of the Good News Friday.

Forest animals play with children’s toys

Robert Fuller is a British photographer who thought to please his children with a second-hand play set. They were happy with it, but were not alone. Fuller secretly filmed forest animals that also enjoyed it. Weasels, deer, birds and even badgers and owls came by to look at the cute toys.

Relationships flourish by staying at home

We’ve probably spent more time with our partners in recent months than ever before. Suddenly your partner also became a kind of colleague, because you both work from home. And when you have kids, communicating with your love was more important than ever before. It does us good, it turns out! To be on each other’s lips has so far caused a drop in divorce filings, according to the Dutch Association of Family and Inheritance Lawyers Divorce Mediators.

Model with Down syndrome shines in Gucci’s campaign

Fortunately, there is plenty of attention for diversity in the modeling world. Not only are we seeing more and more different sizes appearing on the catwalk, models with disabilities are now also being used more often. Similarly, 18-year-old Ellie Goldstein, who has Down syndrome. She scored an assignment for a new beauty campaign for Gucci and we love it!

Netflix series Ozark quits

This week, it was announced that the popular Netflix series Ozark will end. Is that good news? Well no, maybe not. BUT, a fourth (and therefore last) season has also been announced. Extra bonus: The last season has more episodes (14 instead of 10) and comes in two parts on Netflix. When we will see how it ends with Marty and Wendy Byrde is not yet known, but it will be at least 2021. You can look forward to it extra long!

Disturbed speed in Rubik’s cubes inspire Netflix docu

If you’ve seen the documentary about Spelling Bee’s on Netflix, then you know that the streaming service loves people with special talents. In a new documentary The Speed ​​Cubers, which will go online on July 29, we see how quickly experts can solve a Rubik’s cube. Fingertip has just taken on a whole new meaning:

The makers of Westworld make Fallout series for Amazon

Game publisher Bethesda teams up with Kilter Films to create a series about Fallout. The post-apocalyptic game franchise lends itself very well to a series in terms of setting, and the makers of Westworld are eager to make it. Nobody knows anything about it, but The Hollywood Reporter reports that Westworld creators Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan are very fan of the games. “Every chapter in this creative story has occupied us for hours. Hours we could have spent with our family, so we’re thrilled to bring this huge, penetrating world with its black humor to Amazon. ” It is an interesting twist that Bethesda is going to work with the makers of Westworld: it has previously argued with Warner Bros. because the Westworld mobile game would be too similar to Fallout Shelter.

The eighth edition of Sharkfest

This month marks the eighth edition of Sharkfest on the agenda. Fully focused on the ocean’s top athletes, National Geographic and National Geographic Wild broadcast exciting, entertaining and informative shark content for 4 weeks.

Kickoff kicks off on July 4 on National Geographic with programs like Sharks of Lost Island, Shocking Sharks, Cannibal Sharks, Man vs. Shark and Shark Attack Experiment. Followed by nearly four weeks of shark content on National Geographic Wild.


Formula 1 has finally started again

The first Formula 1 race of 2020 will be held this weekend. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, all games were halted. Now the whole circus starts up slowly (or of course actually very quickly) and the first race is this weekend in Austria. No audience is allowed to attend, so Sunday’s game will look very different. Max Verstappen can’t wait to start again and of course we are sitting in front of the TV on Sunday!