Former Democratic Party member Park Ji-won was appointed as the head of the National Intelligence Service.

Representative Park Ji-won

[업데이트 3일 오후 3시58분] Park Ji-won’s comments added

President Moon Jae-in has appointed Park Ji-won, former Democratic Party member, to the next president of the National Intelligence Service.

According to Chung Min-suk, a spokesman for the Blue House, Moon moved on to the afternoon of the 3rd afternoon, moving the head of the National Intelligence Service, Seo Hoon, to the head of the National Security Office of the Blue House. In addition, Lee In-young and Democratic Party members were appointed to the Minister of Unification.

It is said that Park, who has no party to the Democratic Party, is rumored to be unprecedented in the position of President of the National Intelligence Service, the core of the regime.

Money TodayAccording to the Blue House, the reason for the appointment of former Assemblyman Park was, “The message is concise and clear, the information power and situational judgment are excellent, and the 18th, 19th, and 20th National Assembly intelligence committees are active in the work of the National Intelligence Service.” . Park, a former 4th National Assembly member, was involved in the process of hosting the June 15 Inter-Korean Summit in 2000.

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Former Senator Park FacebookThrough this, he said, “I will do my best with patriotism for history, Korea, and President Moon Jae-in.”

Assemblyman Park declared, “In the future, we will continue to focus on the mission of the National Intelligence Service and focus on the reform of the National Intelligence Service without raising any (political) politicians.”

He added, “The President Kim Dae-jung and Roh Moo-hyun and Mrs. Hee-ho Lee come to mind.” We thank President Moon Jae-in for his appointment as a candidate.”