Let’s remember:

The Gurmanov Skaručna Association, a culinary association from Vodice, posted a photo of the reprimand before the court execution on the social network Facebook. They received it from the subsidiary Elektro Maribor Energija Plus. The amount on the payment slip is so low (one cent) that it provoked many negative comments from users of the said network. “To love them, more paper, printing, let alone postage …,” “I immediately exchange it for my payment slip … Otherwise, yes, I agree, there are more costs to pay than it’s all worth.” . “,” Change electricity supplier, “ there were only a few comments.

Unloved mistake

We also addressed the mentioned company with questions. They said there was an unwelcome mistake. “We are very sorry that this unwelcome error occurred in the information system when processing reminders. Such reminders are, of course, pointless, which we communicated to the customer in addition to a personal apology via our Facebook profile,” they wrote.