For lovers of nature and good local food: Taorska vrela and Sremušijada

Although the most distant village of Valjevo, which is 40 kilometers away from the town of Kolubara, via Lelić, Leskovica and Mravinjac, Donji Taor has to offer rest for both eyes and soul. What attracts guests to this area are the natural beauties, and above all the Taorska springs, which are located at the foot of the mountain Povlen. Nine mills used to work here, four of which have been preserved. Pepić’s mill, renovated two years ago, was named after the Jovanović family to which it belongs.

The locals are mainly engaged in livestock and fruit production, some of them are still extracting whitefish from the local Maidans. Tourists and mountaineers come to this area on weekends, so tourism is slowly waking up, although it was neglected for a while.

“We have been dealing with rural tourism since 2018. We currently have 14 beds, and the construction of sculptures is planned. Our guests are mostly from Serbia and for now we are satisfied with the number of visits. The advantage is that we offer food that we produce on our own farm“, Says Ana Jovanović, who together with her husband Željko, is happy to show the guests the natural beauties of this area.

Donji Taor also celebrated sremus. Wild garlic with which, say the chefs, each dish becomes more spicy. Some restaurants received the prestigious Michelin star thanks to the specialties with sremus. It is in the literature, on postage stamps…

This one a wonderful plant, which grows in abundance on the slopes of Povlen, was the main ingredient and specialty prepared on Saturday in Donji Taor. At the school, in this most remote village in Valjevo, on the eve of Vidovdan, the sixth economic-tourist event “Dani sremusha“. This year as well, with a rich cultural and artistic program and a traditional folk fair, the central event was a competition in the preparation of specialties from that healthy and aromatic plants.

“Sremus is best used when harvested, if not then packaged in alcohol and canned. It gives a better taste to dishes, they are more spicy, edible and tempting on the table “, says Ljiljana Opačić, a representative of the Mountaineering Club” Povlen “team, who for this occasion also made a pie with sausage, rolls, beans, soup…

He was also rich with Jovan Pavlović from Brankovina, he says that every dish is spiced with sremuš, because he is healthy.

“We are preparing seven kinds of sremush dishes, bean soup, and prebranac, oyster mushrooms, champignons, some truffles and our white milkweed, then pork goulash, ham, fish and chicken soup. There are also projare, salty and sweet pies, bread… “, says Pavlović.

For nature lovers and a good bite: Taorska vrela and Sremušijada © Agromedia

Residents of Donji Taor, Association for Tourism Development and Nature Protection “Taorska vrela”, Society of Researchers Vladimir Mandić Manda, Tourist Organization Valjevo and Club Ars Nova, organizers of this event, are working together on the promotion of this area, tourism and healthy food. The pearls of this area are the well-known Taorska springs, watermills, waterfalls, caves…

“One beautiful mountain is drawn, which has potential and should be used not only in terms of tourism, but also in the development of agriculture, “said Vladimir Bozic, State Secretary at the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management.

The manifestation “Days of Sremus” contributed a lot to the development of tourism, more and more people come to see the Taor springs, but infrastructure is still the biggest problem.

“The most important thing for us is people come from Belgrade, Novi Sad, Cacak and many complain of ten miles of gravel. We have promises from the new government that they will meet our needs “, says Milan Jovanović, the first man of the local community and the president of the Association” Taorska vrela “.

The desire of the locals is to keep their surroundings clean. In addition to the “Day of Sremus”, the Association deals with the protection of Taorski springs, the renovation of mills on them, as well as the tourist valorization of the Povlen mountain.

“I think we succeeded in the promotion Taorskih vrela, mountains Povlen. Mountaineers, nature lovers, tourists are coming… Another problem remains, and that is the infrastructure that is practically non-existent here. We have some accommodation capacities at the foot of the mountains, they are mostly at religious facilities that offer accommodation, and they are rare and sporadic in the mountains “, states Vlada Dodović, a member of the Organizing Committee.

According to him, rural tourism is waking up again, but they have a problem with bad traffic connections. Those 40 kilometers from Valjevo are not far, but with ten kilometers of macadam it turns out to be very far.

Mountaineering club “Povlen” in cooperation with the Tourist Organization of Valjevo is working on a project of marking hiking trails on this Valjevo mountain. The first track in the length of 13 kilometers, which is marked, starts from Taorske vrele to Radanovac. They announce that about 100 kilometers of trails will be marked and say that we should use the fact that the European hiking trail – E 7 passes through our mountains and correctly mark and trace the trails.

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