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The amendment was decided by 135 votes in favor and 60 against.

On Friday morning, the Parliament passed a law on the “Foundation for the University of Theater and Film Arts, the Foundation for the University of Theater and Film Arts and the Transfer of Wealth to the University of Theater and Film Arts”. The amendment to this law was passed by the Parliament with 135 votes in favor and 60 against. Parliament called on the government to take the necessary steps, on behalf of the state, to establish a Foundation for Theater and Film Arts in the form of a public trust. The change also covers the assets to be provided to the foundation.

The national law on higher education has been amended

At other higher education institutions, the change of maintainer can take place in accordance with the amendment to the National Higher Education Act, which was passed by the Parliament with 134 yes, 60 no votes and one abstention. The amendment contains regulations on the Széchenyi István University Foundation in Győr, the Neumann János University Foundation, and related property benefits. It covers the establishment of the Marek József Foundation and, in connection with this, the transfer of assets to the University of Veterinary Medicine. Soproni Tanulmányi Erdőgazdaság Zrt., Which has been 100% state-owned so far, will become the property of the Foundation for the University of Sopron. The Faculty of Teacher Education of the János Neumann University will be separated from the university and will be merged into the Károli Gáspár Reformed University from 31 July 2020. The change creates the legal basis for the relevant asset management foundations to acquire the right to manage state-owned land belonging to the National Land Fund, but still managed by the institutions.

During the vote, university students protested before Parliament.

They protested in an open letter

On Friday, more signatories joined the open letter, in which Hungarian actors, directors, cinematographers, screenwriters and playwrights protested against the planned transformation of the University of Theater and Film Arts. In their letter to Zsolt Semjén, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister László Palkovics and Members of Parliament, they stated: “For one hundred and fifty-five years at the University of Theater and Film Arts, generations have passed on knowledge and love of the profession to each other. In defense of our national culture, we declare that we do not support, and even consider dangerous, any transformation that takes place in disregard of the vast experience we have accumulated at the university. The events of recent weeks show that the planned, unjustifiably accelerated model change, without any impact assessment, is considered by SZFE’s management, lecturers, former and current students and responsible professional organizations to be ill-considered and unprepared. ” The signatories of the letter asked Zsolt Semjén to withdraw the bill he had submitted, and László Palkovics to start substantive negotiations with the representatives of the university community. Deputies were asked not to vote on the law in its current form. On Thursday afternoon, pro-government artists responded: the open letter from Origón states, among other things, “in defense of our national culture, we declare our support for any transformation that will further enhance the vast experience of the university to preserve and enhance our national heritage.”
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