“Flash” thoughts on this year’s F1: “Mercedes will win everything” – Chronicles

This is a chronicle. This means that the content is the writer’s own view.

Now it is finally the start of this year’s Formula 1 series at the Red Bull ring, and with Max Verstappen as the last winner in 2019. What do I think about this year’s World Cup series?

With the compressed schedule, the large teams of resources will have “upper hand” on the small ones. I think Mercedes will win with both drivers one and two and also win the brand championship. Maybe Red Bull could be second, maybe? And Ferrari two or three. Then it’s hard to guess.

The Covid 19 pandemic has broken finances as the technical work to develop the cars in the spring, the big teams are doing best in this as they have the resources to work on anyway. McLaren has also just received a loan of over one and a half billion these days to secure the team after corona struck, so they look short-term to have control, but the rest? Many question marks right now.


Then it’s probably just Lewis Lewis wants to take his seventh World Cup title or not, and I think he will. The involuntary prolonged break and the “lock down” that has happened has probably given him the rest he needs to get back sucked and turn on again. Bottas comes in as tagged for every season but that doesn’t help, Lewis plays him every year. To be honest, I have never believed in Bottas. He drove smoothly with Massa, when Massa had to leave Ferrari to make room for faster drivers. And Bottas then went to Mercedes to become world champion in the fastest team. If you look at times and race, Massa VS Bottas did in Williams they were very even quick, so I was surprised when he took him to the best team, Hamilton can probably live with that I think;).

The teams:

Has ended up in a negative spin, accused of cheating when it went well, the drivers enemies and pulled in different directions, as well as do not get it. Leclerc has to start delivering to win the championship this year, now he is the savior, second place is not enough. The Tifosi fans and the factory weight hang on his shoulders. He is a talent, but it will be interesting if he will meet the year’s and next year’s giant requirements that lie on him, spins, crashes, driven front wings in the first curves, etc. are not entirely impossible and not particularly unusual when the requirements come. We hope he gets a car that can win… otherwise …….

Vettel, on the other hand, is free, he runs his last race, in Ferrari he shits in Tifosi, the factory and the team he is himself closest to, and decides for himself how he should or should not charge, he can surprise if you ask me. Without pressure, without responsibility more than for himself, he can flash this year, a guess meeeeeen it feels good.

Red Bull.
Max Verstappen has always felt like an insecure card, cruelly fast but spoiled by the team being allowed to make too many mistakes and putting himself and others in impossible situations. I like his criticized tougher driving style when overtaking but also when defending, but this year he has to start delivering, now he has been talented for so long so now is the time to show it too. He felt more stable in 2019 so maybe?

Renault, Mclaren, Torro Rosso, Racing Point, Alfa Romeo:
They are the “best of the rest”. Despite resources, McLaren and Renault do not seem to be able to get any closer to the first three, or at least the two largest teams. And will also fight for seventh place and back in 2020, Riccardo feels most strongly there by the drivers and McLaren of the teams in a decent guess.

Should be exciting as they will also run eight races in nine straight weeks, even that will benefit Mercedes and disadvantage the small teams.

Here we go.

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