Five wild Friday links

Tomorrow is the date of July 4th. For us Danes, it is more or less an ordinary summer day at the beginning of July, unless you have a birthday, have to get married or win 100 kroner in the lottery. For Americans, it’s different.

It is the United States Independence Day. Fourth of July. Since 1777, Americans have been celebrating the day with pomp and splendor, and this includes fireworks, cigars, beers and lots of parades. During this time, many people look at the day with terror in advance. For what will happen when millions of people suddenly want to fire it – when the corona is constantly lurking around us.

There is still reason to think about when we are with other people. The handgun is still topical, so remember to lubricate your hands in handgun as you shop. Also, keep a distance from other people. This applies in stores, workplaces and other places where you are together.

The virus is still here

The virus is not vaporized. Just ask in Hjørring. Or in Nyborg. Or in the city where you live. It is possible that there are very few cases in your community, but out in the clear nothing corona lurks and waits for the next victim. If the corona can hit the right spread of infection, it has the potential to ruin the mood of many other people.

So, dear friends, until hopefully we have a vaccine soon, please keep in mind and keep track of the advice and instructions that come from the authorities. This crisis is not over – and I am eagerly awaiting the aftermath of the Fourth of July in the United States.

Friday is upon us, so it celebrates the Nettips tradition of faith with five Friday links. Today you will be sent to the arms of lots of music in Svendborg, a free burner program, historical travels, Ronald McDonald Children’s Fund and exciting home audio opportunities. Historical Travel is a travel company that focuses on travel with history in focus. Travel back in time when the corona did not exist. Ronald McDonald Children’s Fund does something for Danish families where a child is admitted to the hospital. Support the good cause. Pomse gives a good tip in the forum: a free program to burn CDs and DVDs. It is called CDBurnerXP and is found in a Danish version. Decorated with sound is such a website that offers different sound solutions. For example, try to dig down the subwoofer and create a wonderful sound in the garden. Heyyyy! Come to Svendborg in week 32 and feel how the capital of south Funen proves that we can down here. We offer a number of exciting concerts with Tim Christensen, Mads Langer, Barcelona, ​​Søren Huss, Albert Winding, Carl Emil, Hans Philip, Hjalmer, Hush, Phlake, Alex Vargas and Jacob Dinesen.