Fittings for hydraulic pipes

Hydraulic fittings, how to choose it

The hydraulic components make up the hydraulic system, they are elements that when joined together form useful links for the passage of thewater: fittings, piping e flange.

These accessories they must be classified and divided by families according to the function they are called to perform, according to the type, at dimensions, to the materials of which they are composed, to usages.

The fittings for hydraulic welding pipes, for example, it is divided into two other sub-categories:

  • the members to weld according to ISO-DIN standards;
  • members to weld second standards ANSI-API.

Curves 3D-5D seamless pattern, i bottoms rounded, the black sleeves, the reductions concentric seamless, the insertion shoes without welding, the TI without welding, i logs in black steel with threaded end, they belong to the first subcategory.

Comid specializes in this kind of supply offers many pieces from pipe fittings to individual pipes of any format and size, suitable for aqueducts, industries, plant companies operating in the integrated water service, for civil, domestic and non-domestic construction.

The curve to weld 3D 90 SS DN 15 1/2 “D.21, sold at the indicative price of 0.91 € (1.11 € including VAT), is of black steel, has an angle of 90 °, the connection it is precisely to weld, it can also be requested with 2 inches at the price of € 1.94, with 11/2 inches at € 2.36, at 3 inches at the price of € 4.30, or with 21/2 inches and diameter 65 mm, in short in many other variants.

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The curve to weld 5D 90 SS DN100 4 ”D.114 costs approximately € 12.78, has a diameter of 100 mm, is always of black steel, 90 ° angle, solder connection, 4 or 3, 5, 6 inches, with relative diameter different.

Soldering curves are gods tubes shaped which serve to join two other linear tubes to form a angle which may vary according to the case, with a constant radius of curvature. In case the weld curve forms a 90 ° angle, the member is also called elbow, especially if it has a thread inside.

The rounded bottoms are used instead to close the ends of the tubes or tanks which are subjected to internal pressure, therefore allow to distribute the stresses especially in the extreme points of the pipes in pressure, without generating further stresses additional along the weld.

Hydraulic pipes and fittings, by Comid
The 1 inch Comid one, made in steel black, with solder connection, costs approximately € 0.33, € 0.40 including VAT; it can also be requested from 21/2 inches, from 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 inches.

The sleeve black 1 inch black steel, with threaded connection, costa roughly 0.51 €, the one from 1/4 instead 0.25 €, while the 6-inch one is around 25.46 €.

Hydraulic hoses are gods pieces in the shape of a hollow cylinder which serve to protect or connect two other pipes or members of metal, the connection is usually threaded like the one just seen.

Between reductions concentric without welding there is the type SS DN 40×25 1 “1 / 2×1” which has the diameter of 40×25 mm, connection to be welded, material black steel, price to the public of 2.02 €.

Hydraulic fittings sizes
The grafting shoe 4 “, sold at a price of 20.61 €, is 4 inches, is in black steel and with solder connection, while the TI SALDARE SS DN 125 5” D.141 costs 32.13 €, is 5 inches, in black steel, with the 125 mm diameter, solder connection.
The tronchetto black 1×100 is another hollow cylinder-shaped member made of black steel, with 1×100 diameter, sold it at the price of 0.80 €; is characterized on one side by one thread well worked in accordance with industry standards.

Hydraulic accessories: welding fittings according to ANSI-API standards

The accessories of this category have been made according to the standards specific in the hydraulic sector, the 3D 90 STD40 DN 250 10 ”D.273 ‘curve is an example, which is sold at the price of 109.09 €, is 10 inches, has a diameter of 250 mm, the angle is 90, the connection is to be soldered.

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The reduction concentric STD40 DN 80X65 3X21 / 2 CO was built in black steel, it has a diameter of 80×65 mm, solder connection, price of 5.12 €, 6.24 € including VAT.

The TI STD40 DN 40 1 “1/2 D.48 is a accessory 11/2 inch metal, with black steel material, solder connection, price equal to 4.49 €; the shape of the piece is exactly similar to the letter T of the alphabet, there are three grooves at the end, three sections empty.

Cast iron fittings and pipes

The cast iron it is a material that derives from the iron and carbon alloy, basically cheap, resistant enough to wear, excellent for making articulated members, such as hydraulic ones for example, excellent for melting, durable but at the same time fragile.

The cast iron sleeve 1 is a accessory hydraulic cylindrical with hollow section, the ends are slightly raised, as if there were two rings joined to a more linear central part, and the inside is threaded for connection, the inch correspond to 1 for this model, the price is 0.70 €.

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I sleeves reduced cost a little more, like 1.08 € if they are with 1×1 / 2 inches, junction M / F, threaded connection. The section of this hydraulic piece narrows towards the threaded part, the shape is similar to that of a funnel, the material is definitely the cast iron.

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NIPLES CAST IRON 21/2 is another type of junction the threaded ends, with 21/2 inches, price equal to 4.10 €; the plug cast iron 3 is three inches and costs € 4.68 instead.

Hydraulic parts: fittings and accessories
In this section, reserved for hydraulic cast iron members, there are reduced TI, TI, elbows, unions, conical seat unions, hexagonal caps, crosses, curves, cap round.

Hydraulic fittings for water in brass and pvc

The hydraulic elements in brass they are quite malleable, they resist well tooxidation especially in the most humid environments; you can find sleeves and therefore useful to combine two linear fittings tubes which have the same diameter, elbows to change direction to the pipes, T – fittings for to insert three pipes, reducers of various kinds.

The 1 FF brass elbow is an L-shaped hydraulic accessory, with an angle of 90 °, le end internal threaded and then the external part with a ring relief to highlight thegraft same with the pipes; it is sold for € 2.66, the inches correspond to 1, the junction is F / F.

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The brass sleeve half is sold at 0.72 € and is a junction linear with threaded ends, the TDM quick prolonged 1/2 x 100 instead costs 1.57 € and is also linear in shape, with the ends threaded externally, with the section quite small.

The parts hydraulic pvc can be threaded or a bonding and both types are marketed by Comid, so there are unions and caps, IT and elbows, sleeves, all visible on thee-commerce.

Pvc hydraulic fittings and pipes
The union PVC 32 has a 32 mm diameter, the connection is made by bonding, The price is equal to 2.22 €; the reduction bush with diameter 250×160 mm costs € 50.43, the connection is by gluing.

Most of the fittings seen so far serve in the health and medical sector heating; only those in PVC are used for the installations discharge as well as water.

The fittings can be purchased also in galvanized steel with thread, or in polyethylene with weld connection for pressure or compression pipes, hydraulic members in stainless steel.

In summary, we can remember that the sleeve it is used to join two pipes in a linear position, the elbow it is used to change direction, the T technical member allows the connection of three pipes, the adapter allows to connect two pipes of different diameters, the cap to close one end of a pipe.

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Hydraulic fittings, how to choose them

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