find out how aggressively your phone shuts down applications in the background

I wrote more than a year ago about DontKillMyApp, a site developed by Urbandroid, which keeps track of various phone brands that close background applications on the Android platform. This site is useful to see which phones are more aggressive with “optimizations” of battery consumption. However, if you want to test the Android device you own, there is now a test application also produced by Urbandroid called DontKillMyApp, which works like a benchmark and finally provides a report.

The DontKillMyApp app checks in the background how aggressive the software optimization is

The application can be programmed to run between one and eight hours. At the end, it will provide a report showing how aggressively the phone closes applications in the background. This can be useful to be able to find solutions to keep certain useful applications in the background. In fact, for this reason, Urbandroid also developed both the DontKillMyApp website and the benchmark application.

The company also develops “regular” Android applications. Sleep as Android is a sleep monitoring application with the ability to set silent alarms to wake the user at the optimal time, not at a fixed time. However, it seems that the application had a strange behavior on many devices, and their investigations led to the verification of several phone brands. It seems that various companies are developing their own software solutions that shut down applications in the background according to different criteria.

The testing process can take several hours

It is ideal that after starting the DontKillMyApp test you let the phone you are running complete the whole process. Also, do not let it run when the phone is charged. If you interact with your phone while the test is running, the results will not be conclusive, as systems that automatically close applications in the background take into account the last time you had the screen on, the last time you interacted with an application, and so on.

The application will also provide some solutions to improve the behavior of the phone, depending on the results it offers. The data collected may also be used to improve the information on the DontKillMyApps website.

At the end you will see which applications are most affected by aggressive optimization by categories: productivity, system applications and alarms. The DontKillMyApps app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

source: Android Police