Filip Krajinović dropped out of the US Open, already at the start of the 1stPhoto: Srdjan Stevanovic/©

Filip Krajinović finished participating in this year’s US Open. The Serbian tennis player was already defeated by Aleks de Minor 3:0 in sets (7:5, 6:2, 6:3) at the start.

Krajinović started the match well, he took away his rival’s serve at the start, but he failed to preserve the advantage he had gained. The Australian leveled the match at 3:3, and until the twelfth game, no tennis player was able to take away the opponent’s serve.

Unfortunately, at the most absent moment, De Minor took advantage of the first break point and took the lead in sets.

In the continuation, Krajinović noticeably eased up, his rival used the break chances in a mannerly manner and took the lead with 2:0 in the sets without much uncertainty.

Krajinović took the lead in the third set with 2:0, as in the first, he took away his rival’s serve in the early stages, but again he did not last long. De Minor, identical to the opening part of the match, returned the break for 3:3, and then in the next game on Krajinović’s serve, he came to a capital 5:3. The Serbian tennis player had two break opportunities to restore uncertainty in the third set, however, after not using them, De Minor felt the moment and set the final 6:3.

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