Fidesz rises high in Budapest

Recent research in the Republic has shown that people in the capital are more satisfied with the activities of Gergely Karácsony than with the work of Viktor Orbán, but Fidesz is still the most popular party in Budapest.
Photo: MTI / Sándor Ujvári

A According to a representative telephone survey of 1,000 people between 17 and 24 June, described in the report, this is how party preferences in the capital will develop.

Among the total population:

support for government parties in Budapest is 21 percent,

they are followed by Momentum by 10 percent,

DK support is 7 percent,

the Dog Couple, the MSZP and the Jobbik 3-3-3,

Dialogue and LMP stand at 2-2 percent,

while the support of Our Country is 1 percent.

An additional 2 percent support other parties.

46 percent are uncertain.

Among party voters:

Fidesz-KDNP support among party voters in Budapest is 40 percent,

a Momentum 18,

the Democratic Coalition 14,

the Dog Party and the MSZP 6-6,

a Jobbik 5,

the Dialogue 4,

LMP 3,

and Our Country stands at 1 percent.

It is divided between the other parties by 3 percent.

Researchers in the Republic say that “we can see that opposition voters are in the majority among the capital city. Momentum has been able to become the strongest opposition party in the recent period, which has rearranged the opposition space in Budapest, and the DK has been pushed into the background somewhat. ” The result of the Dog Party is stronger than expected, and the Dialogue “has a significantly higher level of support for the party in Budapest than nationally”, which may be because Gergely Karácsony is the co-chair of the Dialogue.