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There is no reason for the former chairman of the State Material Reserves Administration (SŠHR) of the Slovak Republic, Kajetán Kičura, to be in custody. This is claimed by the chairman of Smer-SD Robert Fico in a video on the social network.

VIDEO: Fico about Kičur, Sklenek, courts and police.

“A judge of the Specialized Criminal Court has also confirmed that there is no reason to accuse Kajetán Kičura of corruption,” Fico said. The police accused Kičura of accepting a bribe and legalizing the proceeds of crime. They’re investigating him in custody.

Fico also reacted to the statements of former judge Vladimír Sklenka, who according to him only slanders people according to the political order. According to him, the glass is inventing and he should be in custody for bribes of 170,000 euros. He also asks why Sklenek’s wife, who has demonstrably laundered dirty money, is not being prosecuted.

After the Búrka police operation, during which he detained several judges, Sklenka was supposed to testify in the past about how he used court donations to influence court decisions in favor of Marian K. Sklenka cooperates with the police and is currently appearing as a witness in the case.

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