The Garmin series will be a new top model on the Fiat Tipo and Fiat Panda range. No wonder these types have been chosen as collaborators, as there is a terrain-oriented, adventure-loving version of both.

You go to a fitness class for these cars

The style is contrasted by the matte gray and orange decor elements contrasting with the forest green paintings, the B-pillar features the Garmin logo, the technical pattern of the seats is fooled by orange stitching and Garmin, and the Tipo grille is adorned with a triangle borrowed from the Garmin logo. The roof rails are black.

There is a fitness class for these cars 41

Panda Garmin is available exclusively with the one-liter, 70-horsepower hybrid powertrain, the 100-horsepower, three-cylinder petrol engine, 130-horsepower diesel and the new 1.5-horsepower 48V hybrid are available for both the combo and hatchback bodies. available.

There is a fitness class for these cars 42

Both cars come with a Garmin Venu Sq watch that can track satellite positioning signals for up to 14 hours, record 200 hours of data, and save more than 20 sports parameters in its memory.