Fiat 500 Elettrica, Mattarella and Conte first Italian testers

However it goes, the Fiat 500 it’s time: the classic one, the “Nuova 500” released in 1957, did it and his heirs who always make it fall at the beginning of July to enhance the most important launches. To be precise, better if it is the 4th July, when the anniversary of the launch of the ancestor falls.

It could not be otherwise also for the new generation, which is also the first 100% electric car Fiat: the official dates when we will have the opportunity to try it to tell you how it goes have not yet been defined but in the meantime, the inevitable baptism with the authorities has arrived.

In the presence of two presidents

A double and exceptional baptism, given that between the morning and the afternoon of today the car was presented to the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella, at the Quirinale, and then went to Palazzo Chigi to present himself at Premier Giuseppe Conte.

To do the honors, the FCA President John Elkann, accompanied by Responsible for FCA’s European activities Pietro Gorlier, the President of Fiat Brand Global Olivier Fran├žois e il Responsabile Product Planning & Institutional Relations di FCA Italy Daniele Chiari.

The discovery at the debut

Specifically, the version presented to the highest offices of the state is the convertible in thespecial launch set-up The Prima, although in the meantime Fiat has already released images of the sedan.

The Electric 500, remember, is equipped with a battery from 42 kWh that promises up to 320 km of autonomy (400 in the city according to the House), and a maximum power expressed by the electric motor of 87 kW, or 118 HP.

Brilliant performances, from top speed of 150 km / h the sprint from 0 to 100 km / h which takes just nine seconds, while just over three are enough to reach 50 km / h.

The guide can be managed second three programs called Normal, Range e Sherpa. The second, in particular, boosts regenerative braking by allowing you to decelerate without using the brakes (similar to the known e-Pedal Nissan Leaf) while the third optimizes overall energy consumption to increase autonomy.

The recharge

The 500 Elettrica also has a fast direct current charging system, in its case with a power of 85 kW which allows you to restore up to80% of the battery capacity in just 35 minutes.

This device, normally optional, is part of the standard equipment of the launch edition The First, as well as the advanced ADAS that also give this small town a system of autonomous level 2 driving. List prices start from 34.900 euro, without considering incentives.