FIA: Mercedes’ DAS system is legal

Before Sunday’s race at Red Bull Ring, Mercedes won its first race. More specifically, a few hours after Red Bull’s official complaint to the FIA ​​about Mercedes’ DAS system, the judges ruled that the German team’s innovative Dual Axis Steering system was legal, and could keep it in its cars.

Red Bull claims that the DAS system violates technical regulations, specifically Article 3.8 on aerodynamic influence and Article 10.2.3, which states that no suspension can be adjusted while the car is in motion. .

However, following a hearing by members of both teams (in person or via video), in the presence of Nicolas Tombazis from the FIA ​​technical department, it was decided that the DAS was part of the management system of the Mercedes W11, although not conventional. .

As a result, the DAS does not violate any post-related regulations, with the announcement stating:

As a general conclusion, it is very simple to conclude that DAS would be illegal, IF it was not part of the management system. Therefore, the main challenge and discussion had to be whether the system could be considered part of the management system. The judges ruled that DAS was part of the management system. Therefore, the judges consider that the DAS is a legal part of the management system, and therefore to meet the relevant regulations on suspension or aerodynamic effect.

By clicking on the source, you can read the verdict of the judges, with detailed explanations of how they came to their decision.