FCM is closing in on 3500 spectators for a potential gold match

About 3500 spectators can be present when FC Midtjylland on July 9 at home takes on FC Copenhagen in the 3F Super League championship game.

On its website, the mid-viewers write that the new guidelines from the authorities make it possible to open further for spectators.

Depending on the results of the weekend, FC Midtjylland can secure the Danish championship against FCK. The Middle East right now has 11 points down to the Gold Rivals with six games remaining.

Sponsors and season ticket holders get the first right to the limited number of tickets, according to FCM.

About 2,000 seats go to season ticket holders. Since more than 2000 have a season pass, tickets are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.

If tickets remain available after the season ticket holders have had the opportunity to get their hands on them, they will go on sale publicly.

Earlier this week, the government lowered, among other things, the distance requirement between spectators to one meter. This will allow more spectators to attend football matches in the Super League for the rest of the current season.

Now it becomes possible that there can be 500 spectators in each section into which the stadium is to be divided, and there must be a meter distance between people instead of the two meters that have so far been the requirement.

The restrictions on fighting have come because of the Corona crisis. In addition to lowering the distance requirement to one meter, family members and other close relationships will be able to sit side by side, the order states.

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