FaZe Rain caused another drama. He showed the kids drugs on Instagram

Nordan “FaZe Rain” he is known for his mental problems related to depression and other addictions. Despite being fired from FaZe house, everything obviously takes time and Nordan can’t work with it completely. According to his twitter communication, he even had to attempt suicide several times.

Rick “Banks” Banks, one of FaZ’s co-owners, even commented on the whole situation, saying that Nordan should have rejected any attempts at help. Rain then had to refer to the drugs he used on his personal Instagram. This forced the other members of FaZ to intervene and stop the live broadcast.

Nordan reacted to the whole situation by trying to put an end to everything bad. However, these words have lasted since May, when the FaZe House was expelled. His mental state is obviously the best. If anyone is interested in what Nordan is planning, they can watch the following video. But how it all turns out is obviously in the stars