In early February, a trace of three climbers was lost on the world’s second-highest mountain: a 45-year-old Muhammad Ali Sadparo, a Pakistani national hero, a 47-year-old Icelander John Snorri and a 33-year-old Chilean Juan Pablo Mohr.

The trio was last seen by Sadpara’s son Sajid – they were before the most difficult part of the ascent, the so-called “bottleneck”, a steep and narrow gutter 300 meters below the top of the 8611 meter high mountain K2. Sajid had to go back because of a broken oxygen mask.

The described place is just above the upper limit that helicopters can handle. The Pakistani army went to great lengths to save its hero, who won eight of the 14 8000s, earning the funding of the Pakistani government to conquer the rest.

Corpses found

Sajid met with a Canadian helium Saikalyjem in Šerpo Pasangom Kajam went to the mountain again to find his father’s body. As Saikaly reported yesterday, the bodies of the three injured mountaineers were found. According to unofficial information, she was found near the aforementioned bottleneck. Sajid covered the Chilean’s body with snow and collected some of his items to hand over to his family. He buried his father and worshiped him with a rite. He didn’t even forget the Icelander’s body.

Saikaly filmed the feat. He will see the light of day sooner or later.